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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is cost efficient, measurable and facilitates one-to-one conversation 24x7, 365 days a year with your existing and potential audience. We effectively use this medium to build sustainable brands that can do more sales. With our combined 30+ years of Sales and Marketing experience, we strategically align digital marketing program with sales and marketing goals of the organisation. Our services includes: (click below)







Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Your website is the most important marketing tool. It is very crucial that it shows up every time whenever a customer look for products and services that your company provides. We provide comprehensive strategies that will bring up the brand value apart from increased relevant traffic to your site. We employ integrated approach with focussed and indirect keywords that leads to positive brand image.

SEO Benefit

  • Search engines friendly websites which enhances search engine rankings and thus increase website traffic
  • Optimize and strengthen Brand image
  • Enhance Brand Reputation
  • Good search engine rankings
  • Long term brand visibility and recall
  • Optimize your Return on Investment
  • More leads, clients and revenue

How do we do it

  • Analyse your website and define with you, the goals and objectives to be achieved
  • A tailor made SEO strategy is developed in sync with your business objectives
  • Optimise existing content to make it more relevant for the brand and Search Engines (onsite and offsite)
  • Do course correction post Audit based on the results of the activities
  • Share monthly report on the Target v/s Achievement

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a new avenue which is more effective than traditional marketing. We use our experience and expertise to create campaigns that will outsmart competition. We ensure that Social Media meets your organisational and marketing objectives and you maximise Return on Investment. Apart from this, we optimise social media spends by harnessing its true potential.

How do we do it

  • Develop Social Media Strategy
  • Define policies to have a consistent, transparent and credible online communication system
  • Setup Social Media communities that will create and grow valuable online communities for your brand which in turn increases customer engagement and loyalty
  • Develop and execute social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin and Banner Ads
  • We maximise your brand visibility by harnessing the power of SEO with unique Social Media insights that will ensure a higher ranking of your brand in search pages
  • Ideas for viral marketing such as videos, events, news, articles etc. to encourage your visitors to tag, share and interact with your online activities
  • We integrate blogs, RSS, tagging and other tools to make your website social media friendly
Conversion Rate Optimisation

An important aspect of Digital Marketing – it is a Science and Art of getting a maximum percentage of visitors to take actions on your website.

How do we do it

  • A preliminary audit of your website combined with business logic and objectives to ascertain its performance
  • We delve deep to understand your customer’s psychology before designing a structured approach
  • Define definitive ‘Call to action’ points that lead to higher conversions
  • We focus to bring back customers with Customer Retention strategies
  • Re-edit copy to make it more crisp and goal oriented and
  • Get more sales from your existing customers
Content Marketing

Content is the essence of a brand in the digital era. Without the magic of a powerful content, it is now impossible to garner customer’s interest. We create content for your customers that matters most! We revitalise brand content which are SEO-Friendly, designed to be helpful and interesting to your audience that eventually help you do more business.

How do we do it

  • We do content strategy and exhaustive planning
  • Audit of Competitor's content online or offline as the case may be
  • Create SEO friendly Content
  • promote content in relevant Multi-channel mediums
  • Digital Public Relation and
  • Optimise existing content based dynamic business goals

Search Engine Marketing

Properly managed pay Per click advertising can deliver outstanding benefits for every money spent on the campaigns. It reduces cost per acquisition and deliver improved return on investment.

Our Services

  • Account Audit: We audit your current PPC campaigns and unveil any new opportunities for higher efficiency and performance.
  • Campaign Management: Relevant, scalable, and trackable, paid search campaigns are run on the three largest search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Bid Strategy: We continuously evaluate the geographic and demographic bid modification options available and adjust your bids on a daily basis to find the right balance of position vs. return.
  • Copy optimisation: We modify the advertising copy in order to build effective campaign that ensure the goals are met at minimum time.
  • Mobile campaign: As more and more people are eventually migrating to mobiles, targeting on-the-go customers are becoming the essence of digital marketing. We design and deliver targeted advertising campaigns tailored for such mobile customers.
Online Reputation Management

Reputation is the biggest asset of a brand. A negligible negative content can sometimes, put a sizeable dent on an your brand. We at resplendent global, create and highlight positive content that pushes down the negative content and bring up the goodness of the brand, when customers search for your brand online.

How do we do it

  • Profile optimisation: We create and optimize business profiles on all Business and Social Media sites that dominates the top pages in all major search engines
  • We create new and positive content that is distributed across web with maximum search engine visibility and authority
  • We define highly effective processes to garner positive reviews about your brands and services from your customers. Apart from this, we also deal with negative reviews and mitigate the same as and when it surfaces on the web.
  • We publish professionally written and search engine optimised press releases to promote your brand online
  • We monitor the web and online conversation actively and alert you to any reputation management issues that needs your attention and assist in drafting necessary response.